Marty Rhone – Born To Rock

Official Born To Rock Poster 2010




ENERGETIC, VIBRANT, EXCITING, PULSATING, ELECTRIFYING – Words to describe rock n’ roll? Maybe, but they are also words that encapsulate Marty Rhone’s stage performances, showing that Marty Rhone was BORN TO ROCK!

Australian entertainment legend Bert Newton was quoted as saying "Marty Rhone is one of this country's best - EVER". And that’s from a man who has seen them all.

This is the show that Marty Rhone has always wanted to do. To present a concert that brings together in one sensational show a collection of the greatest rock n’ roll songs of all time and also includes his No1 chartbusters ‘Denim & Lace’ and A Mean Pair of Jeans. Songs that are guaranteed to have the audience singing and dancing in the aisles. “Every song I have chosen excites me and tells it like it is. Rock n’ roll is the most exciting music genre the world has seen.”

Audiences will hear Marty perform his hits plus those of many of the great artists he has performed with during an illustrious career. These include hits by the Bee Gees, the Rolling Stones, the Searchers, Bon Scott of ACDC plus classics from Status Quo, Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Ferry and many more.

Anyone who has ever been to a Marty Rhone concert before knows just how he engages with his audience and brings a room alive like few others can. ‘Born to Rock’ will be one of the most exciting music experiences you will have……Don’t miss out!