Marty Rhone & The Big O – Born To Rock!

They're Back!


Official BornTo Rock National Tour 2010(1)





They’re back! Marty Rhone & Dean Bourne in a brand new show.

In 2008 Australian music legend Marty Rhone toured Australia’s major capitals and concert venues for the first time in nearly two decades presenting his tribute to Cliff Richard & the Shadows 50th Anniversary tour.

The great success of that tour was followed in 2009 by the even bigger sell out ‘Dream Tour’ featuring Marty and the World’s No1 Orbison tribute Dean Bourne.

They return in 2010 with a brand new show that will have audiences singing and dancing in the aisles as they perform the greatest hits of the Rock n Roll era. The ‘Born to Rock Tour’ will show just why these artists are regarded as two of the greatest performers Australia has produced.

“Marty Rhone is one of this country’s best - EVER”…Bert Newton.

“Dean Bourne is in a class of his own” – Larry Muhoberac, Elvis’s piano player

One was ‘Born to Rock’; the other brings the Roy Orbison legend to life in a sensational live concert featuring the soundtracks of our lives that rocked the world. Audiences loved their sell out tour in 09 and they will once again be blown away by the sheer energy and excitement of Marty Rhone and the amazing voice and likeness of Dean Bourne to the Rock n Roll legend Roy Orbison.  Dean Bourne IS Roy Orbison Reborn.

Audiences will hear all of the Big O’s huge hits including Pretty Woman, Crying, Running Scared, Only the Lonely and Marty Rhone will perform his hits including Denim & Lace, A Mean Pair of Jeans, On the Loose Again and the hits of great artists he has performed with in an illustrious career. These include hits by the Bee Gees, the Rolling Stones, the Searchers, Bon Scott and many more and the two will perform the rock classics together on stage in a memorable concert lasting over two hours.

Audiences across Australia described the last tour by these two great artists as among the best they’d ever seen. This is even better.

Don’t miss the most exciting musical experience of the year... Marty Rhone & the Big O – Born to Rock!